Lukas Zeiler

The value that impacts my life most is accomplishment, which drives me to become my best at producing and mixing music. I have utmost trust in my willingness to learn and improve. I am a Vienna-based singer-songwriter with Liverpudlian roots. I have worked at Hitradio Ö3 in program design and I actively mix songs from all genres to broaden my production horizon.
In early 2017 I released my debut album “evoLve”, which was written, recorded, produced and published by myself. I specialize in folk and acoustic music and have experience with Dubstep, Jazz, Classical and Pop-Punk.

My plans for the near future are to finish my second album and complete my master’s degree in audio design at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten. Later, I plan to live and work abroad, preferably in Liverpool or Scandinavia. I value a positive and encouraging working climate as well as creative freedom.

During the 5th semester of my bachelor’s degree in media technologies I actively worked on a multitude of projects, including a jazz/rock/big band production. You can review the outcome of these projects here on this website. We were challenged with tasks from many different sections of the audio field, each representing an opportunity to prove what we had learned from the past semesters.

I am confident of my ability to complete any production task given to me. I consider myself an optimist, which is why I am looking forward to a fulfilling future in the audio business.

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